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Two Images - Two Ways

Two Images - Two Ways

In this tutorial you'll learn how to have two images in a slide in two different ways.

In the first example, one image will be on top of another image, in the second example the images will be side by side.
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CJ Rainaldi - July 10, 2023

Re the tutorial “2 Images 2 ways,” I frequently use the Gradient Mask Blend and play with all three layers, the two photos plus the gradient for the mask. Sometimes I still use the animation effects; other times I have no motion. Sometimes I use two complementary layers; other times I use the same image, one the larger landscape and the other a closeup.

Richard Swain - July 10, 2023

Hi Jennifer,
Good short tutorial. I don’t work on slide shows every day or even month, so getting reminded about what can be done is great!
Thank You!

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