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All orders over $100 get 10% off - automatically!
All orders over $100 get 10% off - automatically!


The Woman Behind the Graphics...

Jennifer Clark

A Little Backstory

I started my career as a professional Video Editor and Animator in 1995 for Wal-Mart Television (the internal Video Production studio at their Headquarters).  I left the Corporate World of video editing to start my own business in 2001.  My main focus was creating animated videos from Photographs.  I didn't discover Photodex's software program, ProShow, until 2006.  I had been using Adobe Premiere and After Effects to create my videos.  These programs were quite time consuming and not very efficient at this process.

My History with Photodex...

I started using ProShow Producer in 2006 and got noticed by the CEO of the company for the way that I was using their program.  Instead of creating slideshows, I was creating animations.

I launched my first website, Choice Backgrounds, in 2006 selling video backgrounds and products for ProShow.  The website eventually moved and became Choice Slides, in 2012.  
In 2019 I was contacted by some of the original developers of ProShow, asking if I would like to be a Beta Tester for a new program they were working on.
I was going to be called "Photopia"

Who is Photopia?!

Photopia is not Photodex.  They are, however, some of the original developers and support team of ProShow, which is why the Photopia Programs will feel similar to ProShow and can import all of its files.  

Why am I promoting them so heavily?
  Do I work for them?

Not exactly.  My relationship with Photopia is almost identical to what my relationship was with Photodex.  They hired me on a freelance basis to create some tutorials for them and to create the styles and transitions that come included with the program. 
  Everyone has personal photos and videos.  Everyone has a story to tell.  I believe your stories deserve better than Power Point.


Since Choice Sides is a "One Woman Show", tech support is very personal to each individual customer, but is not available 24/7.  I do sleep occasionally!  I try to be online and available for to respond to emails for all of my waking hours (I'm in the Central Time Zone here in Arkansas - same Time Zone as Chicago and Dallas). I try to respond as quickly as I can, no matter where I am or what I'm doing (thank you, iPhone!), but response time may be slower in the evenings and on weekends.