3 Ways to add a photo to Abstract 073

Written By Jennifer Clark - October 15 2013


November 04 2013


I really appreciate your tutorials. Thanks for being so generous.

November 01 2013

Hello Jennifer, Great Job with the tutorials. Is there a effect or transitiion that I could use during my show to give the effect like I’m actually writing or signing something as a layer as the show is running? Thanks

Gilles Lalonde
November 01 2013

Hi Jennifer, it’s not the first time that I use your tutorials for working with Photodex and what I find with yours is the ease in which you depict the work to be done…it’s very easy to understand…thank you very much and keep up the good work for us….

November 01 2013


I have just read the note that comes with the download re video. Not possible. Thanks

November 01 2013

Malgré que la langue ne soit pas la mienne , j’arrive à comprendre vos explications avec ces copies d’écran
Merci Jennifer , c’est super !

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