Two Photo Flip Tutorial for ProShow Producer 5

Written By Jennifer Clark - September 11 2013


Sue Flynn
February 01 2014

Thank you so much, I love creating slide styles and this is so helpful!

November 01 2013

Jennifer, you are the best tutor I ever had. Your style of teaching is concise and your voice is also calming. Thanks for all of the wonderful classes :-)

October 20 2013

Thank you very much for sharing this tutorial.

gailly philippe
October 15 2013

Most of your tutorials are very interesting to perform your knowledge. Many thanks. Anyway – I have notice that other users have already asked, but the published comments do not include your aswers -, how can we download your tuto ?

Bill Ford
October 06 2013

Great tutorial, well explained. I’ll be watching for more!

October 02 2013

Brilliant tutorial Jennifer! You make it all look so easy, something we can all learn to do! Thank you so much for sharing this with us….

October 01 2013

Wow! I have been using Pro Show for years now and still have a lot to learn it would seem. Thank you for this great tutorial. You present such really easy to follow steps. I look forward to any further tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

October 01 2013

Thanks, Jennifer! Like Tom, I learned a couple of extra things while going through this tutorial. It works great!

October 01 2013

How can I download the video tutorial

Earl Johns
October 01 2013

Dear: Jennifer

Great tutorial! I plan to showcase my next Proshow with this two photo flip style.
Thank you for always achieving the best.

October 01 2013

Thanks so much for this flippin’ tutorial. It’s perfect for a project I’m working on… :)

Tom Sachse
October 01 2013

Jennifer, thank you. I play with Producer a great deal. Here is a link to something I do each year for my in laws. It has to be on the weird or on the comical side with a few errors.
I just watched you video and wanted to tell you that I saw you doing things with Pro Show that I was not even aware you could do. As a suggestion only, could you go into more detail on every move you make.

October 01 2013

Thank you so much for the tutorial on flipping photo’s this is awesome! Can’t wait to try this out.

Bob Sheap
October 01 2013

Appreciate you sharing some of your knowledge.

Theresa Dewhurst
September 13 2013

Hi Jennifer, We have talked before about slide styles that would work for a High School reunion – I think this is it! I followed your directions and it looks wonderful. Thank you.

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