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Masking 101 (Part 2)



You can download the Snow Globe PNG file for free here!

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Susan - February 20, 2019

So much great info. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!

Rosinha - November 17, 2012

16 Sep ’11 10:47 pm by renato Hi! thnkas for this tutorial! i really appreciate your job! isnt so easy to find guys like you that shows your experience!i’ve a problem when i tried to do make my video..the video is more faster than it should be… when i animate the object etc, its ok, but when i render it, the video goes really really fast! and the animation slow! i’ve set the FPS to 30, to 1, to 10000, to anything else but that doesn’t help (the correct value should be 30)! can you help me? please!(sorry for my bad english.. i’m from brazil :D)

Don Schultz - May 26, 2012

I truly enjoyed the tutorial on masking smile. As a retired person I was looking for something to keep my mind busy. That’s how I found Proshow and started using it to create slide shows for my family and friends. After watching your video tutorial on masking really made me realize how much more I need to know and how much better my work could become with a little more work on my part to learn more in depth how to take advantage of Proshow’s capabilities. I was hoping you had a tutorial on masking that I can purchase? I’m sure there will be more after that! smile

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