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Where is my Slide Style?

Where is my Slide Style?

So, you've imported your new Slide Styles and you know they should all be in there because you got a message that says your Slide Styles were successfully imported. Great!

Unfortunately, when you go to look in your Slide Style List you can't find the one you want anywhere!  Where did it go?!

The answer is that it may be hidden.  Filters in the Slide Style list are helpful to reduce the number of Styles when you're looking for something specific, but if you forget that you had a filter set, it may hide other styles from you the next time you're looking for a different Slide Style.

In Photopia: the main culprit is most likely the Filter setting.  Make sure this is set to No Filter if you can't find a Style that imported correctly.  If you're unsure what Category it is in, change the Category to All Effects.  Then use the search bar to find the style you're looking for.

In ProShow: To see ALL of the Styles in any category (or in All Categories) make sure that the Layers drop down is set to "All Layers" and your new Slide Style should magically reappear!  You may also want to change the Aspect Ratio to "All Ratios" to rule out a Ratio mis-match.



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