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All orders over $100 get 10% off - automatically!


Lesson - All About Slide Styles

Lesson - All About Slide Styles

    To go directly to a specific chapter, click on the three lines in the lower right corner of the video, then select a chapter to go to.
  1. Types of Styles you can import
  2. Importing Slide Styles
  3. Finding Styles in the Manage Effects Window
  4. How to Remove or Hide Styles
  5. Categorizing Slide Styles
  6. The Slide Style Window
  7. Style Categories
  8. Search, Favorites
  9. Filter - Hidden Styles
  10. Sort Style List
  11. Recommended Times
  12. Applying Styles
  13. Applying Complex Styles
  14. Applying Styles to a blank slide
  15. Content Tab vs Layers Tab
  16. Changing Content in a Style
  17. Hiding layers
  18. Variants
  19. Removing an Applied Style
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