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All orders over $100 automatically get 10% off! No coupon code required.
Photopia Update - Build 909

Photopia Update - Build 909

There is a new Photopia update available today: Build 909.
To access this update, open your Photopia program and click on the green notification bar in the lower right corner to view the list of updates and install the new build.
Here is a list of the revisions:
  • Added options to manage layer linking
  • Added options to manage cached content
  • Added messages for things that can take a long time
  • Improved backup feature for Projects
  • Improved error handling when saving / loading Projects
  • Fixed issue with duplicate shows after using 'Run the Wizard again' from Remix
  • Fixed new shows from Templates not appearing on Home Screen initially
  • Fixed the 'Used in Show' Category for Slide Styles when switching shows
  • Fixed incorrect file preview when using keyboard navigation in Browser
  • Fixed keyframe positions when changing outgoing Transition duration
  • Fixed issue with linked video layers with different starting keyframes
  • Fixed incorrect content descriptions when changing content order
  • Fixed visibility of disabled audio tracks in Light Gray color scheme
  • Fixed missing Categories for imported Slide Styles / Transitions
  • Fixed update issue with Crop after selecting new source image
  • Fixed incorrect names when using Export from Home Screen
  • Fixed update issue with Crop when changing Content order
  • Fixed missing Duration option for certain Caption Effects
  • Fixed issues with Play Slide button in Preview area
  • Fixed issues with Slide Sounds in combined shows
  • Fixed issues with Soundtrack in combined shows
  • Fixed issues with Shadows on layers with 3D pan
  • Fixed issue with slide thumbnails not updating
  • Fixed issue with Crop presets for linked layers
  • Fixed issues with 'Export as Template' option
  • Fixed issue with alpha channel in Gradients
  • Fixed issue with loading the autosave
  • Fixed various stability issues
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