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All orders over $100 get 10% off - automatically!


Director and Creator will have Subscription Based Pricing

Director and Creator will have Subscription Based Pricing

Some people will love the new Monthly/Yearly subscription based pricing, and some people will hate it.  We'll just have file this under "You can't please everyone."

So, why go Subscription Based?

1. More people will be able to afford it.

Even though paying $1.00 per month verses $12 per year is basically the same thing, a lot more people can afford to take $1.00 out of a monthly paycheck than $12 out of a year.  (not actual pricing, obviously)

2. You can Pause your Subscription

If you only make a few shows a year, and you know that there will be some months that you just won't open the program, you can always pause your subscription and then start it back up again when you need it.

3. Security

Subscription based services require a registration key to be "activated" at regular intervals.  This makes it nearly impossible for illegal copies to get out.

Note: you will not need a constant internet connection to use the programs.  You'll just need to connect once a month to get an updated license.

4. Updates

Whenever updates are available for the programs, you'll just get them.  No "upgrade" fees or anything like just get the updates.  This allows the developers to continue innovating and updating their products without slowing things down for ‘the next big update’. This also means that they will be more responsive to customer feedback and innovate more rapidly.

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