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All orders over $100 get 10% off - automatically!


My Story and Our Story Templates

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This is an amazing Bundle that includes 2 FULL Templates, 77 Slide Styles, 1 Transition, 19 Still Backgrounds, 9 Video Backgrounds and 10 Graphic files (such as Photo Frames) and, of course, and in-depth video tutorial!

Why two Templates?

The original My Story Template was built for my Stepson and resembled a Graduation Video.  It's a real story of his childhood that includes the loss of his sister, Kasey.  When people watch this video, it's hard for them to see that this template really has a lot of different potential, besides telling one person's story.  There are lots of reasons to tell two people's stories....such as an Engagement, Anniversary or Family Reunion.  So, I started a new show with the My Story Template, but used it to create an Engagement video.  When I was done, I realized that I had enough differences between the two to include the second version as well! The Our Story video, however, is completely fake and uses 100% stock photos of random people:)

Can I use this in Producer 4.5?

No, you can't.  This Template has been updated to use the 3D tilt feature that is only found in Producer 5.0 and higher.

Do I have to have Photoshop?

Yes, that would be best.  It's ok for you to have Photoshop Elements, but you must have a photo editing program in order to complete this template. 

Are the songs included?

No, I don't own the right to distribute those songs.  However, you can purchase them by following these links:

Faith Rivera - "Child of this Universe"  (used in both templates)

Darius Lux - "Xtraordinary" (used in My Story)

Beth Champion Mason - "Tapestry" (Used in My Story)

Tribe of Noise (Jim Gaven) - "Make This Moment Last" (Used in Our Story)

Tribe of Noise (Jim Gaven) - "The Girl Next Door" (Used in Our Story)


This is a HUGE zip file to download (over 700Mb)  Please make sure that you have a fast, reliable internet connection when you download it. 

Our Story - Katelyn and Matthew

Our Story Template for ProShow Producer from Choice Slides on Vimeo.

My Story - Sidney