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Mosaic Photo Reveal Template for Photopia

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This is a full show Template and set of 17 Slide Styles for both Photopia Director and Creator.  It is SUPER EASY, drag and drop, adjust your crop, and you're done!

A Video Tutorial is included.

The preview for this Template requires some explanation:

I built the original preview for this template using Stock Images, as I always do, but this Template builds on itself (creating a final mosaic image at the end) and using random stock images just didn't convey the message you could share by using this template.

On a completely separate topic, my oldest daughter will be graduating High School next year. While I could wallow in my own loss when she leaves, the truth is there will be another person who will feel her absence greater than I will: her sister. They have been best friends their whole lives. When I hear other parents talking about their kids fighting or not getting along, I honestly have no idea what they're talking about.

So.....the preview of this Template is filled with photos of my two daughters, Taylor and Lauren, growing up as best friends.

It's ok if you tear up. I did