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Motion Easing in Keyframes - ProShow Producer 7

If you've been using ProShow for years and years, you may remember my old "Blue Light, Green Light" Tutorial. That was back in 2008, created in ProShow 3. Time for an update!

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Pamela Jones - July 23, 2015

Very interesting tutorial. I would never have known this could be done. You explain it so well.


Karen - July 4, 2015

Thank you for this refresher and for all the ideas. Also, I appreciate all the freebies you make available.

Darlene Hardwick - July 3, 2015

Jennifer, Thanks so much for all you share with us. It really helps. You explain things so well.

Bill - July 3, 2015

Thanks for this Jenifer it is always good to have a refresher it is amazing how much you can forget.
Thanks again

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