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All orders over $100 automatically get 10% off! No coupon code required.
Photopia Update - Build 882

Photopia Update - Build 882

This update fixes a few issues that were discovered after the 2.0 release.  To update your program, launch Photopia and look for the green update button in the lower right corner.  Click to install.

  • Updated button artwork for Google services
  • Fixed issues with file locations when migrating Libraries between
  • Windows and Mac
  • Fixed issue with aspect ratio lock when changing Horizontal / Vertical Zoom
  • Fixed issue where first / last keyframes could be deleted accidentally
  • Fixed issue with duplicating group / child Layers with drag-and-drop
  • Fixed issue with Home Screen not showing last used Project Group
  • Fixed issue with activation caused by using invalid registration key
  • Fixed issues caused by combining Projects from the Home Screen
  • Fixed issue with compositing mode on Layers inside Groups
  • Fixed missing Slideshow Thumbnail after renaming Project
  • Fixed issues with icons / descriptions for new Transitions
  • Fixed issue with opening program on some computers
  • Fixed typo in "Y Offset" label under Adjustments tab
  • Fixed issues caused by very high resolution images
  • Fixed issues caused by large Slideshows
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