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10% off all orders over $100, automatically!

Tutorial - How to Plan Your Show


Beginner Level

This tutorial is included in the Volume 6 Series.

In this tutorial you'll learn how I plan ahead before starting any show.  This is more of an opinion piece, as you can start working on a show any way that you'd like!

You'll learn how I:

  • Gather Photos and Cull them Down
  • Scan Settings and minimum resolutions
  • Order your photos before you start working
  • How to Name Digital Files to Keep them in Order
  • Keep all digital files in the same place on your computer
  • Editing Photos/Set your Photo Editor in ProShow
  • To Wizard or Not To Wizard?
  • To Template or Not to Template
  • ....or Build One Slide at a Time

    Total run time is 9:49 minutes.