Where Did It Go?! - Copy Settings


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Donna - September 9, 2013

Thanks for the great tutorials…. just upgraded from gold excited to get going….

Dee Hendrixson - February 6, 2012

Jennifer you are so wonderful to spend the time to help us all understand how 5.0 works I am sure I will get it once I watch your ware did it go
enough times. Thank you so much
Thanks so very much

John R McNally - February 4, 2012

Hi Jennifer:
Thanks for your time in making these great video’s to help us find
“Where Did It Go”
Been using 5 for around 2 weeks, and still need to get my speed back up to scratch again.

Cheers From John
“AKA johnmac2007uk”

Tyson - February 1, 2012

Thanks Jennifer for taking the time to make these great videos.

Rolf - February 1, 2012

always nice to here your voice – great video’s

Dina - February 1, 2012

Thanks Jennifer for the tutorials. So much has changed in 5.0 that it is very helpful to view your videos. Once I get used to all of the changes, I think I will really like 5.0.

Jim - February 1, 2012

Jen thanks a bunch, great tutortials. Just started with 5.0 and tutorials really help in navigating all the diferrent areas of 5.0. Jim

Richard Swain - February 1, 2012

Hi Jennifer,
Nice looking website!!
Also great videos – “Where did it go?!”
Thanks a bunch!

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