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Photopia Tutorials

  • Q&A Changed Transition Names
    September 5, 2020 Jennifer Clark

    Q&A Changed Transition Names

    If you've had trouble finding a transition in Photopia that you used in ProShow, it may be because it has been renamed. ProShow transition names could be a little confusing and Photopia gives you more control over the look of...

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  • Create It! An Entire Show Using Transitions Only
    June 30, 2020 Jennifer Clark

    Create It! An Entire Show Using Transitions Only

      In this tutorial I'll show you how to use the "Include background in transition" option to create an entire show using Transitions only. This doesn't work with every transition, and I'll explain why.The first transition used, 3D Fold, is...

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  • Q&A - Favorites
    June 20, 2020 Jennifer Clark

    Q&A - Favorites

    In this Tutorial I'll go back and show you how Favorites have changed from ProShow to Photopia. They are easier to find, easier to use, and an overall efficiency booster for your shows.

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