The wait is over....

The wait is over....

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John Yaeger - November 9, 2019

How and where do we purchase the training package on Creator. Thx.

Joe Russo - November 9, 2019

Jennifer – Please forgive me if this question has been asked and answered but I have not seen it yet.
My biggest gripe with subscription based software (like Adobe Lightroom) is that if and when you decide to end your subscription you not only lose any future updates to the program but certain functionality becomes disabled. In Lightroom for instance when you discontinue your subscription both the Develop & Map modules are inactivated. I understand the need to no longer provide updates in this case but removal of paid for functionality seems ridiculous. This obviously does not happen with an outright purchase of a piece of software.
So my question is – Will ALL Photopia functionality continue to work should a user decide to discontinue their subscription?

Thank you.
Joe Russo

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