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All orders over $100 get 10% off - automatically!


Photopia Update - Build 800

Photopia Update - Build 800

This build has a few additions and a lot of fixes!  To install the new update, look for the green message bar in the lower right corner of your program:

All versions:

Added notice for available updates in Problem Report window
Added option to cancel video file importing then restart it later
Added tooltip for Fly-In / Fly-Out duration slider in Keyframe area
Added rename option to right-click menu for sections in Theme editor
Added tooltips for Keyframe Markers / Motion Path buttons in Preview area
Improved video file import process
Improved keyboard controls in Browser
Improved zoom controls in Timeline area
Improved feedback in Missing Files window
Improved error feedback in registration window
Fixed issues with changing UI Scale
Fixed various issues with Crop feature
Fixed issues with aspect ratio in Slide Styles
Fixed issue with program losing Maximized state
Fixed issue with nested social media folders in Browser
Fixed issue with section name updates in Theme editor
Fixed button mismatch between Slides and Timeline areas
Fixed issue with display of Transition icons in Timeline area
Fixed issue where remixing a show could reset its aspect ratio
Fixed problem with multi-keyframe selection in Keyframes area
Fixed startup delay when disconnected network drives detected
Fixed issue that could cause program to revert to evaluation mode
Fixed problem where audio file duration could be detected incorrectly
Fixed issue where Wizard could use Slide Styles with incorrect aspect ratio
Fixed unintended 'expand' option for layers in Copy Layer Settings window
Fixed problem where Watermark and Background layers could become linked
Fixed problem with "Add to Show" not working for social media options in Browser
Fixed issue where images / videos could be inserted into the wrong part of the Layers list

Director only:

  • Added option to rename Slices from Layers list with right-click
  • Added options for Aspect Ratio to Preview area in Slide Style editor
  • Removed the "Animate All" option from right-click menu for slices in Keyframe area
  • Fixed issue with Slice name not resetting when option left blank
  • Fixed problem with "Pan" effects on caption (word) Slices
  • Fixed problem with exporting Wizard Themes from Home Screen
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