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Photopia Update  - Build 700

Photopia Update - Build 700

Photopia released a new update today: Build 700.  To update your program, simply launch it and you will see a green bar in the lower right corner, click on that to install the update.

Full Revision List for Build 700:

Added feedback for disabled Position / Zoom Tool in Preview area
Added a Canvas Position / Zoom tool to the Preview area
Added support for ICC color profiles in JPG / PNG images
Added option to rename Sequences in Slides list
Added the Sequence name to the Slides list
Changed placement of Center Point Tool in Preview area
Changed icon for Reset Canvas option in Preview area
Fixed issue with layer animations where only one keyframe was enabled
Fixed issue with Slide Name label in Slides list when Slide Style applied
Fixed issue where video layer audio could become duplicated in show
Fixed issue with Slide Styles created from slides with unused Content
Fixed duplicate delete option from keyframe marker right-click menu
Fixed issue with audio being left behind after deleting a video layer
Fixed conflict caused by using different images with the same name
Fixed label in Layers list when Adjustment / Mask attribute toggled
Fixed problems with the Output Queue in the Projects window
Fixed playback speed for certain videos in video file preview
Fixed issue with manually applying No Style effect in Wizard
Fixed issue where pasted slides could be in the wrong order
Fixed issue with transitions preceding a collapsed Sequence
Fixed issue with the order News items are displayed
Fixed issue where caption alignment could be lost
Fixed issue with Show timeline in Audio Trimmer
Fixed issue where Theme favorites could be lost
Fixed issue with caption textures in Slide Styles
Fixed typo in Caption Macro option
Fixed issues in the Video Trimmer
Fixed icon scaling in Content tab

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