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10% off every order over $100, automatically!


Photopia Update - Build 675

Photopia Update - Build 675

There's a lot of improvements in this update, but it's mostly minor fixes and minor additions.  Just a lot of them!

Full List:

Added the Special Selections categories to Select Slide Style window
Added various metadata options to Settings tab in Menu Editor
Added rename slides option to right-click menu in Slides List
Added word wrap in Description field for Problem Reports
Added a Search option to the Select Slide Style window
Added option to manage Menus from Effects window
Added option to set metadata for saved Menus
Added time labels to the Video Trimmer
Changed button label in Publish menu from Publish to Create
Changed label for video thumbnails in Menus tab
Changed icon for Solid Color option in Browser
Changed label in Menu tab in Publish window
Changed how customized Menus are 'loaded'
Changed the Your Projects label to Projects
Fixed issue where Menu settings could be lost when switching formats
Fixed issue where Publish window could close after incorrect setting
Fixed issue where slide numbers in Slide List could become incorrect
Fixed issue with locked slide time after updating video layer speed
Fixed problem with not being able to set textures on outlines
Fixed issue with dragging volume control points down to zero
Fixed issue where Slide List could jump back to the first slide
Fixed issue with video sound settings on copied video layers
Fixed issue where Layers list thumbnails could be incorrect
Fixed issue using last known location for Add Audio option
Fixed various UI issues in metadata area of Effects window
Fixed issues with thumbnailing and importing SVG images
Fixed issue with slide sounds not playing on copied slides
Fixed minor layout issues in Menu tab in Publish window
Fixed persistent audio preview after leaving the Browser
Fixed audio waveform issue in Customize Menu window
Fixed issue with additional pages in customized menus
Fixed issue where Favorites in Browser could be blank
Fixed issue with copying RGB values into color picker
Fixed minor layout issues with Gradient settings area
Fixed update issue with slide number caption macros
Fixed issue where Project information could be lost
Fixed issue with thumbnail for saved custom Menus
Fixed issue that allowed for multiple Save windows
Fixed issue with audio from video layers on Menus
Fixed reset option for Solid Color layer resolution
Fixed issue where Undo could delete Menu pages
Fixed problem with creating DVDs with no menu
Fixed problem with video thumbnails on Menus
Fixed file cleanup when deleting custom Menus
Fixed file extension issue for exported Menus
Fixed default resolution for Solid Color layers
Fixed issue with aspect ratio of DVD menus
Fixed issue with Gradient layer thumbnails
Fixed usage count object in Music Library
Fixed issue with Reset Window Layout
Fixed default name for saved Menus
Fixed various stability issues


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