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All orders over $100 get 10% off - automatically!


Photopia Update - Build 615

Photopia Update - Build 615

LOTS of great stuff in this build!

Added a Text Box feature for caption layers
Added edge scrolling in Wizard content areas
Added option to log out of social media accounts
Added default Motion Smoothing to Preferences
Added a Caption Macro feature for caption layers
Added option to see available Slide Style variants
Added a “Time elapsed” field in video rendering window
Added option to Hold last frame of video past end of layer
Added default caption Font, Size, and Color to Preferences
Added a “Go to Slide” option to right-click menu in Browser
Improved the layout of the Preferences window
Improved arrow key navigation through certain lists
Changed style preview to use duration of active slide
Improved memory management when rendering video
Changed position of Motion Smoothness option when active
Changed the Motion Smoothness option to be hidden by default
Fixed scrollbar covering Category counts in Manage Effects window
Fixed issue where Group layers showed Outline / Shadow options
Fixed issue with playback indicator when scrolling Slides list
Fixed positioning issue with volume nodes in Timeline list
Fixed various issues with audio from looping video layers
Fixed initialization issue in ‘Browse For Folder’ window
Fixed caption prompts for static sections in the Wizard
Fixed delay with effects showing up in News section
Fixed some missing options in Copy Settings window
Fixed crash that could happen when rendering video
Fixed issue when dropping image on masking layer
Fixed issue with copying slides to a different show
Fixed crash condition caused by certain transitions
Fixed clipping caused by mask layers inside groups
Fixed issue with flickering characters in text fields
Fixed issue with transitions when moving slides
Fixed issue where Still Frame output could fail
Fixed duplicate content linking in PSH imports
Fixed missing audio from global video layers
Fixed duplicate content after copying layers
Fixed audio playback in standalone player
Fixed issue with Shapes on video layers
Fixed issue with captions in masks
Fixed issue in video trimmer

Director only:

Fixed missing Description details in Style / Transition projects
Fixed issue where template export could fail

Mac only:

Fixed issue where folders could fail to unmount

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