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Photopia Update - Build 535

Photopia Update - Build 535

A new build for both Photopia Director and Creator (for both Windows and Mac) has been released.  You can update your program by clicking on the Green Update button in the lower right corner of your Home Page, or if you're already in a Project by clicking on Help > Check for Updates.

Lots of good stuff in this update, my favorite two are in bold!

Added option to include additional content on Blu-ray, AVCHD, and DVD
disc output
Added alpha channel support for imported videos
Improved quality of preview playback
Changed video layer 'loop' default to 'disabled'
Improved thumbnail quality on Standalone Show menus
Improved save / export process for Templates in a multi-show project
Fixed issue where Preview position might not update after clicking on
Preview slider
Fixed issue with options shown after selecting video layer audio from
Timeline list
Fixed issue where 'loop' option was reset when changing video layer
source file
Fixed issue where Preview could be incorrect after scrubbing through the
Fixed hang condition that could occur when building a show with the Wizard
Fixed layer smearing issue related to slides with no background enabled
Fixed video file preview in File Information Tab when using the Browser
Fixed issue with Page Curl transitions being incorrect in some cases
Fixed issue with unnecessary horizontal scrollbar in Effects window
Fixed issue where deleting video layer could leave audio behind
Fixed issue where Play Slide button could fail to work properly
Fixed motion path when Position not set on last keyframe
Fixed content removal issue after deleting nested layers
Fixed issue with deleting unused content from a slide
Fixed issue with recent color option in color pickers
Fixed playback controls during Full Screen preview
Fixed issue with Full Screen Playback preference
Fixed audio from video layers in a copied slide
Fixed issue with position of scrolling font list
Fixed issue with video layers is transitions
Fixed issues with Start Track Here option
Fixed issue with slices on blurred layers

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