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Photopia Update - Build 526

Photopia Update - Build 526

A new build for both Photopia Director and Creator (for both Windows and Mac) was released today.  You can update your program by clicking on the Green Update button in the lower right corner of your Home Page, or if you're already in a Project by clicking on Help > Check for Updates.

This build has lots of updates for both the Windows and Mac Versions.  To view a history of updates from previous builds, click here.

Build 526 Updates:

Windows and Mac:

Improved behavior of video layers when applying certain slide styles
Improved quality of menu thumbnails in Standalone Player
Improved performance when importing images
Improved video thumbnail caching
Fixed issue caused by deleting slides with video layers from the Wizard
Fixed audio issues related to having multiple video layers in one slide
Fixed issue with dragging images in Add Content area of the Wizard
Fixed hang caused by dragging collapsed sequences in the slide list
Fixed issue with custom menu backgrounds in Standalone Player
Fixed issue with hidden Themes still showing up in the Wizard
Fixed creation of Standalone Show output from certain shows
Fixed issue with saving projects after using the Revert feature
Fixed issue with certain non-western characters in captions
Fixed missing audio from video layers in Standalone Player
Fixed issue with Page Curl transitions at certain durations
Fixed details in Project List after using the Revert feature
Fixed issue where playback could appear to freeze
Fixed problem with the “Puzzle Fly In” transition
Fixed issue where Vimeo output could fail
Fixed issue with maintaining Vimeo login
Fixed display issue affecting certain fonts

Director only: Fixed missing selection outlines on slices for copied layers

Mac only:

Improved display performance
Fixed issue with full screen playback on secondary monitors
Fixed issues related to importing PSH slideshow files

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