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Photopia Update - Build 485

Photopia Update - Build 485

There is a new Photopia update out today! You can update your software by simply opening it up and you should see a green bar in the lower right corner letting you know that there is an update to install.  If you don't see that green bar, click on the three lines in the upper right corner of the Home Page and choose "Check for Updates".  You can also find the Check for Updates option inside a Project under the main Help menu.

While there are lots of updates in this build, the most significant one might be that video encoding uses a lot less Memory now :)

Build 485 Revision List

Added new orientation label to details area in Slide Style tab
Added new Registration ID label to the About dialog
Added new progress dialog for project save process
Added new output options for Instagram
Improved memory management during output processes
Fixed issue with Soundtrack During This Video not updating properly
Fixed issue with File Modification notice after applying a Slide Style
Fixed issues with keyframe placement when applying a Slide Style
Fixed issue with layers being left after deleting their Content
Fixed issue with Tile / Pan follow filters in imported shows
Fixed issue where empty shows could cause output failure
Fixed issues where volume fade points could be incorrect
Fixed issues with dragging objects around in the Timeline
Fixed issue with performance when using large captions
Fixed issue with blurry thumbnails in Standalone Shows
Fixed issue with UI update after using Find Missing Files
Fixed issues related to deleting effects from Layers list
Fixed issue with slide count update in Template shows
Fixed issue where Keyframe markers could be missing
Fixed issue with Undo behavior after deleting a layer
Fixed issue with the Add Multiple Keyframes feature
Fixed missing thumbnails when importing Templates
Fixed issues with selecting multiple keyframes
Fixed issue with missing Transition icons
Fixed issues with Reset Slide behavior
Fixed various typos

Creator only:
Fixed missing Local / Global layer toggle

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