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Photopia Update - Build 464

Photopia Update - Build 464

There is a new Photopia Update today!

This build has a lot of fixes and improvements. There isn't any single thing that I feel needs to be pointed out; many of the improvements are for specific scenarios rather than for over all usage of the program. To update your program, simply launch it and click on the green message in the lower right corner, or click on Help>Check for Updates.

Here is the complete list of fixes for this build: 

Added fallback logic for characters not present in the current font
Added right-click option to invert text order for captions
Improved behavior when opening secondary shows from the project list
Improved behavior when dragging audio sync bars in slide list
Improved placement logic for the Copy Layers feature
Reduced default line spacing for multi-line captions
Fixed login failure with certain YouTube and Google Drive / Photos accounts
Fixed registration issue caused by using multiple keys on the same system
Fixed issues related to having files in folders with non-western characters
Fixed issue where number boxes could fail to accept input in some cases
Fixed hang caused by dragging layer group onto itself in Layers list
Fixed issue with follow filters on masking / adjustment layers
Fixed issue where audio could be out of sync during playback
Fixed issue where Blu-ray output could fail in some players
Fixed issue with missing content from applied slide styles
Fixed issue with character / line spacing from PSH files
Fixed issue with copying slides that have video layers
Fixed reset buttons for sliders with values near zero
Fixed issue with importing audio from PSH files
Fixed issue with Remix Selected Slides feature
Fixed issue with unused content in slide styles
Fixed issue with adding layer effects to videos
Fixed issue with Vignettes in some transitions
Fixed missing files logic for imported PSH files
Fixed missing files issue in combined shows
Fixed issue with caption formatting
Fixed issue with small Blur values
Fixed issue with motion paths




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