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10% off all orders over $100, automatically!
Photopia Update - Build 442

Photopia Update - Build 442

Updates in this build include:

  • Added ‘go to next’ / ‘go to previous’ for flagged slides (CTRL+ALT+G / CTRL+SHIFT+G)
  • Added effect categories in details area within Manage Effects window
  • Added playback toggle using the Spacebar in video trimmer
  • Added a Combine Shows option to the projects window
  • Added a Rename Project option to the projects window
  • Added a Notes Icon to the Layers list
  • Improved font size for certain tooltips
  • Improved feedback when trying to write over an ISO file that is in use
  • Fixed auto-selection issue when clicking on video waveform in slide list
  • Fixed clipping issue during layer transitions where Tilt Panning is used
  • Fixed import failure for PSH files if notes contain newline character
  • Fixed content removal issue when applying slide styles
  • Fixed name update issue when copying a slide style
  • Fixed layer focus issue when switching UI layouts
  • Fixed missing audio in video trimmer
  • Fixed missing Wizard themes
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