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All orders over $100 automatically get 10% off! No coupon code required.

Inserting a Show into another Show

 There may be times when you want to use part of a show or template in another show that you are working on.  For example, the Falling Photos Template is a full show file that uses 20 Photos.  This probably isn't enough to be a complete show, so you may want to insert this template into a show you are already working on. 

Here's how you do it!

First, open the show you are working on, if it isn't already open.

Now choose File>New Project or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+N

Choose "Create Project From Show".  This will keep the show you are already working on open.

You'll notice that your show is now a Tab in the upper Left hand corner.  Just to the right of that, you'll see a little Plus Button.  Click on that Plus Button to open the New Show Window.

When the New Slide Show window opens, open the show or template that you want to insert into your current show.  In this case, I am going to open my Falling Photos Template.

My Template is now open as a new Tab.  I can work in this tab to add my photos to the template before I insert it into the show I'm working on.

Once I have the template complete, I'm ready to insert it into my show!

Click on one of your slides and hit Ctl+A on your keyboard.  This will select all of your slides.  If you don't want to include a slide, such as the black slide at the beginning of this example, hold your Ctl key down and click on that slide to deselect it.

Now hit Ctl+C on your keyboard to copy all the slides.

Click on the Tab for your first show and find the place in the show where you want to insert the new slides.  Click on the slide that you want to insert the new slides before (In the example above, my new slides will be inserted after slide 15 and before slide 16).

Voila!  My template slides are now in the show I was working on!

NOTE: If using the Falling Photos Template, remember the Wood background file was the Show Background.  When pasting these slides into this new show, the slides take on the show background for the current show, which is black.  I would probably just add the Wood image as the bottom layer to these new slides to keep the look I had before:)

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