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All orders over $100 automatically get 10% off! No coupon code required.

Can I still use my old stuff in the new ProShow?

 This has to be the most asked question whenever a new version of ProShow is launched.  It's worrisome to think that you have spent a good deal of money over the last year to buy Styles, Transitions, Templates or other graphics for ProShow only to find out that none of them are compatible in the new version.

Well, you don't have to worry!

ProShow is a forward compatible software program.  This means that all items created in earlier versions will work in the latest version. You'll be able to use your Slide Styles, Transitions and graphic files, such as video backgrounds or PNG frames without a hitch.  Show files, however, will pop up with a little message window:

 Don't be afraid of this message!  I get a lot of emails from people saying that a show file they got from Choice Backgrounds isn't compatible because of this message.  That's not actually true.  All this messages is saying is that if you save this show in the new version, you won't be able to open it again in the older version.  This is because ProShow isn't always backward compatible.  An exeption to this rule would be Slide Styles...sort of.  I can create Slide Styles in 5.0 and you will be able to open them in 4.5...BUT all of the 3D tilting will be removed because it didn't exist in 4.5.



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