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Color to Suit You


Many Slide Styles come with a background image.  What can you do if you like the image, but you really want it a different color?

 In the example above, I've applied the Tilt N Swap Slide style to showcase my Step Son, who is graduating this year (*sniff*).  His school colors are Black and Gold, so I'd like to change the color of the background to reflect that.

In Producer 4, go into the Layers>Editing Tab and highlight the Tilted Floor background layer.  Then check the "Colorize" Box.Layers />Editing Tab in Producer 4













 In Producer 5, click on the Layer, then click on the Adjustments Tab.  Then check the "Colorize" Box.


From there, you can select a color with the color wheel or grab the eye dropper tool and select your color that way.  In this case, I used the eyedropper tool and selected the gold from the "2011" in the photograph.  I then dragged the little circle in the color triangle down toward the black to darken it up, just a bit.


The result is a background that supports my Step Son's school colors.   Go Tigers!!!

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