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All orders over $100 automatically get 10% off! No coupon code required.

Same Show - Multiple Computers

I recently had a question from a ProShow user who was working on a show at work during the day and at home at night.  She was saving her show and all the files to a USB drive, but when she opened the show on each computer it could never "locate" the files.

If you jump between computers and want all the updates to be found as soon as you open the show; follow these steps:

The most important thing to do on both computers, is to have the exact same path to the show.  All computers have a C: drive, so you just need to add a folder with the exact same name on each C: drive.  In my example below, I have a folder called ProShow Files.




  Within that folder I have other folders such as Templates, Slide Styles, Transitions and Shows.  I would save my show inside the Show Folder and I even created another folder with the name of the show that I am working on, "Borrowed Angels".  The path must be identical on both computers.

Once the show has been saved to that specific location, do a "Collect Show Files" and point it to the same location you just saved your show in.

After you work on your show and are ready to move it to the other computer, finish by Collecting your Show Files and writing over the originals.  Copy the entire folder to your USB Drive and drop it into the same location on your other computer.

ProShow should have no trouble opening your show and finding all the files!

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