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All orders over $100 automatically get 10% off! No coupon code required.
All orders over $100 automatically get 10% off! No coupon code required.

I'm going to hang in there, I think you should, too.

So, I've been getting very consistent feedback on my "not so stellar" review of ProShow 7.  

"... I was disappointed that no 'must-haves' were evident." - Facebook user Miguel

"...I wish I had of read this before I purchased the upgrade, I am highly disappointed." - Facebook user Sonya

"I am grateful for your input. I have decided not to upgrade until something substantial is added or improved." - Email response

"Thank you for the review of Proshow Producer.  I am a casual user, not eligible for a free upgrade, so I've been perplexed about spending the money.  I know I will eventually, but for now, I feel MUCH more comfortable staying with 6 a bit longer!!" - Email response

While this update is disappointing mostly due to the extreme length of time between updates (What in the world have they been doing all this time?!) and no new "fun features" to play with, other than the music library, I still say, without hesitation, that ProShow is the best Slide Show program out there.  I test others regularly, no one else comes close.

I have also been a loyal Adobe customer for over 20 years.  I regularly skipped upgrades, purchasing the latest Adobe version, on average, every other release.  (This has recently become obsolete with their monthly subscription; all updates are free and automatic).  There is nothing wrong with skipping an update, especially if nothing was added that you desperately need.  This actually has two added benefits: you save some money (Yay!) and it sends the software company a clear message which features their customers think are worth paying for and which ones they don't. I am currently sitting at my old Windows 7 computer because I absolutely refused to move up to Windows 8.  My fingers are tightly crossed that the Windows 10 release at the end of July will have been worth my wait.

So, hang in there. Whether you're still on ProShow 5 or 6, or updated to the new're still using the best Slide Show program on the planet.



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