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All orders over $100 automatically get 10% off! No coupon code required.
All orders over $100 automatically get 10% off! No coupon code required.

ProShow 7


After a year and a half with no updates, Photodex has finally released ProShow 7. I wish I could tell you that this is an amazing update, well worth the wait....but it's basically ProShow 6 with a music library. Check out their website to see everything that has been added. They changed the colors a bit, moved some buttons around, and improved the output systems.
The only new "fun" addition is a full 240+ Song, Royalty Free, Music Library.

So, if you are asking yourself if you should upgrade I would take these things into consideration:

1. Are you eligible for a free upgrade? If you are, absolutely take the upgrade! ProShow 7 works just as good as ProShow 6; no need to worry about any new "bugs" that haven't been worked out, it's practically identical.

2. Are you a business that needs Royalty Free Music in order to post your products online? If you are, this may be exactly what you're looking for. The music is pretty good; no synthesized elevator muzak, but it's all Royalty Free (which is rarely as good as copyrighted music). You will have the right to post your productions online using this music, which is a big plus for business owners.

3. Do you hate searching for music to fit your shows? With over 240 songs at your fingertips, this makes looking for a simple music bed easy. Especially when using Choice Slides Templates made in Producer 7. Most Templates that I create from now on will use a song from the ProShow Music Library; making it even easier to use. This month's new template, Elementary School Frames, uses the song "A Moment of Happiness" from the music library. Of course, you can always use any other song you'd like!

4. Do you always use popular songs in your shows? If you make shows for personal use and use popular songs, this upgrade may not be for you. There haven't been any new "toys" added to play with, no new graphic features, transition or animation effects or, my personal longing....improvement to the 3D environment.

As always, Photodex encourages you to try their products for free. So, download ProShow 7 and see for yourself!

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